Work with Hemp House - CBD Drop Shipping, White Label Services and Wholesale for Retail

Eco-Friendly Drop Shipping

Eco World
  • Benefit from our credible products 
  • Minimal effort from your side 
  • Easy selling without having to worry about warehousing or shipping

White Label Services

White Label CBD
  • Build your CBD Brand 
  • Sell your own CBD products 
  • Manufacturing compliance and safety is all taken care of

Wholesale Services

Hemp House Vegan Capsules Wholesale
  • Sell quality Hemp & CBD products 
  • No hassle of creating products 
  • Product compliance and lab reports are already linked to the products 

Why work with us?

The world's first Eco-Friendly CBD Drop Shipping Service

No other Hemp & CBD company offers fully biodegradable shipping on all of their products for drop shipping. 

Have access to Europe's highest quality Hemp & CBD products

We have networked for years within this industry and have access to trusted sellers through our Cannabis Trades Association membership. 

Help customers find the right product for them and for the best price

The most important part of our business. We make sure the customer is happy with the CBD they want to take and give them a true loyalty discount with Subscribe & Save Loyalty™️ Service. 

Join an upcoming industry set to be worth billions of £s

The world is accepting Hemp again for its many uses. Many countries are developing this industry as they see huge potential to help in various sectors. Let alone the massive eco-benefits we have with using Hemp instead of other non-eco-friendly materials. Hemp grows in 4 months and the uses can last a lifetime! 

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