Hemp Cigarettes Pack of 10 | 30mg Full Spectrum

Grape Hemp Cigarettes
Grape & Menthol
Hemp House Cigarettes
Strawberry & Menthol


The UK’s First Hemp Cigarettes!

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Californian Grown Hemp 

Organic Californian-grown hemp rolled in all-natural flax paper.


Range of flavours – Don’t forget to snap for the flavour!

Enjoy the natural taste of hemp with these hemp cigarettes. Fancy a little treat? Snap the dots in the filter to activate a punch of flavour! Choose between a Strawberry and Grape packet, both have menthol too. Relish the taste of your choice with no compromise.


NO Tobacco

That’s right, no tobacco at all! A cigarette without the addiction. Also, no nicotine and bleach-free paper. All natural goodness.


The perfect replacement to help you quit for good

We have had a lot of customers quit tobacco using these cigarettes. This gives them an actual smoking replacement that doesn’t have addicting properties to them. You still light it up, still ash and put it out responsibly at the end. The mentality behind smoking a cigarette is still there because it is a cigarette, filled with Californian hemp instead of tobacco.


Completely legal to smoke in the UK 

You can smoke this anywhere you would normally smoke a cigarette. Enjoy the benefits of hemp products in a smokeable form wherever you want!



Hemp grows in 4 months, and so does flax (the paper used). The flavouring is all completely natural crystallised form. We ship these beauties in our biodegradable shipping sleeves. Plus, you can recycle the boxes they come in. Not only are you smoking green but you are staying green too.

Additional information

Weight0.0007 kg
Dimensions4 × 1.5 × 8.5 cm

Strawberry/Menthol, Grape/Menthol

During our testing

During our testing:

When we tried these hemp cigarettes, we were curious about what people’s reactions would be to us smoking these in and around the public. Most of the time, no one cared. When we smoked them at a pub, we did get one security guard asking if someone was smoking “the whacky backy” but we were honest and upfront. We showed the security guard our cigarettes and the packet, we even offered to show them the lab report but as soon as we said what it was, the security guard was fine with it. They did not ask us to leave or not smoke them there, he just hadn’t seen them before. That was the only time we have been questioned about it out of the many times we have been smoking them in public places. A lot of people were naturally curious when they smell hemp smoke but see a cigarette. We of course offer them one and they enjoy it!

This is how some people have quit smoking tobacco. One of our members completely quit tobacco with the help of Hemp Cigarettes. They are also great for people who only smoke when they drink, they go for hemp cigarettes instead so they know they won’t get tempted by nicotine addiction. A lot of cigarettes have lots of added chemicals inside them, hemp cigarettes do not. They are an extremely natural product using real hemp, in bleach-free paper with organic cotton filter tips.

Although all smoking isn’t good for you, these hemp cigarettes are a great alternative to tobacco cigarettes.

Our friends at Snapz Duo have done a fantastic job on these cigarettes and we are proud to supply them to you! We hope you enjoy them too!

1 review for Hemp Cigarettes Pack of 10 | 30mg Full Spectrum

  1. Lauren Boughen

    Very pleasant! The scent of the hemp is wonderful, and not too strong. An initial dry pull really highlights the excellent quality of the sweet and earthy notes. The strawberry flavour is light yet prominent. The menthol is quite strong; very reminiscent of normal menthol cigarettes. The capsules in the filter are VERY difficult to squeeze. Those who have problems with their hands may find it too difficult to release the strawberry and menthol flavouring. This was the only fault I have with the product. I’m quite strong, and it took quite a few minutes to squeeze the capsules without completely distorting the filter. The staff at hemp house are very helpful and friendly. My items were sent and delivered very quickly and safely. Overall; this product is very nice quality, and a nice alternative to vaping or nicotine filled products. 😀

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