Subscribe & Save Loyalty™️ Explained

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...

On Sign Up:

5% Discount

Month 2:

10% Discount

Month 3:

15% Discount

Month 4:

20% Discount

Month 5:

25% Discount

Month 6:

30% Discount!

As time goes on… you will receive further discounts, that stay with you!

In a nutshell: Subscribe & Save Loyalty™️ is a subscription service that gives you a loyalty discount. The more you take CBD, the more affordable it gets. 

Subscribe & Save Loyalty™️ will give you more discount the longer you enjoy your CBD

We want you to enjoy our CBD products for a long as you want with a loyalty bonus. That’s why we provide this offer for our loyal customers and CBD connoisseurs out there. This subscription is designed to benefit you!

This discount stays with you as long as you enjoy our CBD! You are not tied into any contracts and you are free to cancel at any time, you have complete control. This is just another way of us saying Thank You for choosing Hemp House.

When you are subscribed to us, you will never miss out on your CBD again! You will have your Hemp House CBD sent out in our Bio-Degradable postage ready for when you run out of your last pot. Please remember to recycle the old pot and for the postage, you can grow plants in there and then plant them directly in the ground as it’s fully Bio-Degradable!

Remember, with CBD, consistency is key!

Kick Start Subscribe & Save Loyalty™️ is only available on certain products that are on offer. This locks in the offer price for your subscription so you can keep that deal going for months until it gets even more discounted. 

For example: Our Vegan CBD Gummies are on sale from £24 to £18. On the regular price, this is 25% off, instead of building to that discount on our loyalty service, Kick Start Subscribe & Save Loyalty™️ fast tracks you to that discount price each month and then gives you more loyalty discount down the line. You never miss out and get the best prices available. 

Yes! You are in full control with Direct Debit and can cancel at anytime. 

When you want to use Subscribe & Save Loyalty™️ on our CBD, you will see the option to add this to cart on the product’s page. Select the subscription and checkout as normal to start the subscription and get your discounted CBD product right away! 

Please message us on our live chat service. When you place the order for a new Subscribe & Save Loyalty™️ discount, we will check your old subscription and fast track you to the old discount. 

For example: If you cancelled at 4 months, this means you would have built up 15% discount each month. Once we can check all of the details and confirm this is your old subscription, we will apply this to your new one. 

We know times are tough, that’s we designed a true loyalty discount for you!

It is every month from when you first purchased the Subscribe & Save Loyalty™️ CBD product